Childs Kilt Outfits

We are proud to offer an extensive range of Kilt Outfits for Rental in Childs Sizes. Starting from around age 3, we offer Child Outfits to match our Adults Outfits in all the same selection apart from Patriot Tay Tartan and Crail Graphite Jacket/Waistcoat.

Below we have a range of images of our model Kai showcasing some of the options available in our Childs Range. Our full range of Childs outfits can be viewed in-store alongside our Adults outfits.

Full Childs Outfit: £95

The below items are all included in the hire:
        • Jacket and Waistcoat
        • Kilt
        • Socks
        • Sporran
        • Bow Tie or Tie (Age Dependant)
        • Shoes
        • Flashes